Wreath on Midsummer

Hi! Today magical night. Our ancestors have long been celebrated Midsummer. On the night of Ivan Kupala girls allowed wreaths on the water, and to which the young man wreath will swim, so they will live a long and happy life. Do you know it? If wreath quickly drowns out of love I mean guy. And then the night walk and jump over bonfires, from all evil cleaned. It is interesting that in our days in the villages of midsummer night - a real treat.

Here I am with my friends on a summer residence comin my wreath, but it is not like all the others, because it is made of paper :). Again origami helps. You want the same or even better? See my video lesson and repeat. And let you guys for your wreath will argue ...;-).

By the way, if you're late for the holiday, make him just like that, it's so cool!

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