These Wonderful Whales

Hi! Today I want to talk about whales. Did you know, that:

- whales usually swim with a speed of 35 km/h, and if they need, they can swim over 70 km/h;

- the whales, like migratory birds, swim over 10000 km each year;

- there are whales, who write the music;

- some whales can let water fountains of 15 meters in height;

- there are some whales-champions, who dive to a depth of 3000 meters;

- there are some whales, who are more powerful than cars in 10 times;

- the amount of lugs of some whales can reach more than 3000 liters (and the amount of lugs of a human is only 4 liters);

- the whale's mother milk consists of 42% of fat and 12% of protein (and in human's milk there are 4,4% of fat and 1% of protein);

- there are whales who’s tongue reaches the size of 2 horses;

- a newborn whale weighs 8 tons and reaches a length of 8 meters!

It's a pity, but I have never seen a real whale! But I can make a model of him from paper. And I'll show you how. Our whale will be not so record, but kind and cute.

Write in comments, what Origami crafts would you like to make with your own hands.

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