Vase and a Glass?

Hi! We already know how to do a lot of different paper flowers, but the vases for them - no. To correct the mistake. In one of the lessons of the course "Modular Origami: Basic Course" I show how to make a vase of triangular modules in 3D-origami technique. And now I will show you how to make a paper bowl (vase, lamp) for our flowers from a single sheet of paper. Note that the vase can be made above and below. For example, if you want to get taller vase, you need to take plenty of paper and fold the lower corner (this point in the video at 1:05 minutes).

And if you fold a vase like mine, more like a glass, it can be used as a stand for the Office. Only the bottom place something heavy and glue wall. For work? Repeat after me:

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