Turtle Sonya

Hi! In our house there lives a red-ears turtle named Sonya. She is 14 and for turtles it is a very good age. They are adult, but not old. In any case, our turtle has already grew up in a huge size an she is very active. Everyone likes her. My today's Origami lesson is about Turtle.

Here is how we'll make our Sonya:

I want to make our lesson more interesting, so here are some fictions about turtles, that I've heard.

Fiction 1. The turtle doesn't respond to it's name

It responds. You just have to teach it. For example. Every time, when you food her, call your turtle by it's name. Soon the sound of it's name will associate for her with eating food, and she will run to you.

Fiction 2. Turtles hear and see badly

They perfectly hear and see. And especially they hear man's voice. Not in vain, researchers have shown, that turtles perceive low frequencies better.

Fiction 3. Turtles are dull

Turtles know, what they do, but for us their actions are not important. There was such an experiment: a man gave some food to turtle and then he put the boil with food in another place. In addition, this man made a partition in front of turtle. But this clever animal rounded the partition and continued eating it's food.

Fiction 4. Alll turtles are good swimmers

Only marine, freshwater and some land kinds of turtles can swim well. Other land kinds and even semi-aquatic kinds can even sink in a deep water!

Fiction 5. Turtles eat only grass

Turtles don't like vegetarian diet – it is harmful for them. The food of turtles is varied and sometimes it is even more interesting, than everyday-food of it's owner :).

Now it's time to make a turtle. You know everything about it!

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  • Once I had a turtle, too …: lol: but it was very old and unfortunately it died: cry:

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