3D Origami Angel

In this video, we will create a 3D Origami Angel. If you already have experience in 3D modeling, it will not be difficult for you to make such an Angel. However, if you are a beginner in Origami, you will easily cope with this model after watching this video carefully:). Christmas is a wonderful holiday[...]

Origami Rooster

Hi! We have already made many kinds of paper animals: a goat, a cat, a dolphin, a shark, and even a hummingbird - all these models have already replenished your skill stock of the true Origami master. In this video, we will create an Origami Rooster! Let this original model bring well-being and happiness to[...]

Origami: Christmas Tree Greeting Card

Hi! Are you ready for Christmas? Surely, when holidays are approaching, you face the dilemma about what presents to make to those who you love. In this video, we will make an Origami Greeting Card with a Christmas Tree, which will serve as an original and valuable surprise for your family and friends. To make[...]

Christmas Origami Napkins

Hi! Christmas is coming! Personally, I love this holiday very much. Is there something magical, mysterious and solemn ... Everyone has the opportunity to decorate the house and the holiday table to they liking. We are meeting together is not the first New Year Days, and you have probably already had time to look all[...]