Kusudama Star

Kusudama or a Star? Kusudama “Star”!

Hi! In this video we'll learn how to fold another Kusudama. It is called "The Star", because it is like a shining star. There are two ways of folding this hand-made articles: folding models of modules and from a single sheet of paper. Today, we turn to the traditional way - fold the Kusudama of several modules.[...]

Kusudama Autumn

Kusudama “Autumn”

Hi! What do you think the most vivid time of the year? Of course this autumn! You just look around: many bright colors on the trees and in the fields. In this video we will combine them all into one colorful, according to the autumn, crafts - Kusudama, and call it "Autumn". It consists of a[...]

Flower ball Valentina Gonchar

Flower Ball by Valentina Gonchar

Hi! Today fulfills orders Natasha Rudenko, who took second place in the competition, which I have recently carried out in the ORIGAMIR group in VKontakte. We make a very complicated figure - Dropdown Flower Bowl, which was developed by Valentina Gonchar. This kraft refers to a modular figures, because it is composed of a variety of[...]

Kusudama magic ball

Kusudama “Magic Ball”

Hi! Today we'll fold authentic Japanese Kusudama. Kusudama - one of the oldest traditional Japanese origami products. They represent a variety of balls consisting of assembled paper flowers, sockets or other shaped parts. Kusudama - modular figure, as part of which consist Kusudama represent the same individual modules. Kusudama - magic balls, which in ancient[...]