Stylish Origami Bracelet

Hi! You can't have too many accessories, can you? Especially if, while crafting them yorself, you spend time with use, improve your Origami techniques and develop your creativity. In this video, I will show you how to create another simple but incredibly stylish paper bracelet in 3 minutes. Let's go?

Flower on March 8

Hi! Are you ready to celebrate "all the girls in the world" day? In a bright spring holiday every girl wants to get some kind of special gift. Flower made of paper, which we fold in this video lesson - that's what you're looking for! It develops a very simple, but it looks like a one of[...]

Valentine: Box with Heart

Valentine: Box with Heart

Hi! Very soon there will come Valentine's Day, and you still do not have a gift? Origami will help you in choosing the right surprise. Bright and extremely interesting Box with Heart - that's what you need! It is easy to folding and it is very versatile. Want to see for yourself? Repeat after me: