Origami: A Tulip Bookmark

Hi! Do you like reading? I love it! And I also love Origami, because thanks to it I can easily create an original paper bookmark in just a few minutes! Even beginners will handle this model. Do you not believe me? Turn this video on and see for yourself!

Spring Flower Origami

Hi! As March 8 is approaching, we think how to surprise our mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends with new and unique gifts, to express our care and love to them. Origami is a universal assistant in choosing the most valuable gift. What do girls like the most? Flowers. Paper flowers are beautiful, stylish and unusual. In this[...]

Flower on March 8

Hi! Are you ready to celebrate "all the girls in the world" day? In a bright spring holiday every girl wants to get some kind of special gift. Flower made of paper, which we fold in this video lesson - that's what you're looking for! It develops a very simple, but it looks like a one of[...]