Classic Origami Easter Egg Holder

Hi! Here is the third element of our Origami Collection of Easter Eggs Holders. It is easy to fold, but honestly, I like this one the most! If you are new to Origami but still want to decorate your holiday table brightly and originally, this model is for you!) And if you already have some[...]

Origami Chicken Eater Egg Holder

Hi! We continue the Easter theme:) In this video, we will create an incredibly cute Origami Chicken Easter Egg Holder! This model takes 5 minutes to make, but it will be most welcome on the holiday table! In addition, it can be presented as a gift for the celebration. Have you already started preparing for[...]

Origami Rabbit Easter Egg Holder

Hi! As promised, in your almost unanimous vote, I am publishing the video Origami Rabbit Easter Egg Holder! This origami model can be used not only as a holder for the Easter egg but also as a basket for pills or napkins, for example. This holder is more complicated than the others, but a beginner[...]

Holder for Easter Eggs

Holder for Easter Eggs

Hi! Continuing preparations for the celebration of Easter, we can not forget about the original and rather simple hand-made article of origami - is the Holder for the Easter Eggs from 3D modules. Most such models I like the fact that there are no limits for your imagination. You can create your own unique pattern[...]