Flower on March 8

Hi! Are you ready to celebrate "all the girls in the world" day? In a bright spring holiday every girl wants to get some kind of special gift. Flower made of paper, which we fold in this video lesson - that's what you're looking for! It develops a very simple, but it looks like a one of[...]

Christmas Origami Napkins

Hi! Christmas is coming! Personally, I love this holiday very much. Is there something magical, mysterious and solemn ... Everyone has the opportunity to decorate the house and the holiday table to they liking. We are meeting together is not the first New Year Days, and you have probably already had time to look all[...]



Hi! Bright and trendy Bracelet Origami - an important addition to any stylish way. Do you want to be the most fashionable and daring guest in any company? Do you want to do to create a light and graceful accessory to your favorite outfits? Looking for a gift idea? In any case, press the "Play"[...]