Christmas Origami Napkins

Hi! Christmas is coming! Personally, I love this holiday very much. Is there something magical, mysterious and solemn ... Everyone has the opportunity to decorate the house and the holiday table to they liking. We are meeting together is not the first New Year Days, and you have probably already had time to look all[...]



Hi! By New Year's holiday, are prepared and the youngest residents of ORIGAMIR. For those who are more sophisticated origami models is not easy, in this video I'll show you how to fold a garland of paper. Its assembly takes less than 10 minutes. In this case the result is a surprise! This garland is sure to[...]

Christmas tree toy

Christmas Tree Toy

Hi! In this video, you and I will fold the Origami Christmas Toy! To tell you something new about this Christmas decoration, I immediately wanted to know the history of its occurrence. It turns out, the history of Christmas toy takes its beginning as early as pre-Christian times. Then our ancestors by worshiping the spirits of[...]

Christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath

Hi! We continue our series of video lessons crafts for the New Year holidays. Christmas is coming! - Good family holiday. Christmas wreath - a must in homes in the pre-Christmas time. This wreath is made of fir branches in the form of a ring. It symbolizes the expectation of Christ's birth, "world peace". Usually,[...]