Hi! You have probably forgotten about strawberries? And I have gathered today strawberry cup! We have such a special variety that bears fruit all summer. True it is getting smaller: is a pity, I love strawberries. That's why I  decided to devote my current post and the lesson of this wonderful berry.

To fold a strawberry from paper is not very easy. Look carefully for my movements - there's a lot of bends and flipping. It is possible to train to take a piece of paper larger than me. But get ready strawberry appetizing. These berries can be decorated with a festive table or simply to give to someone.

Please note that I took a two-tone paper - it is red on one side and on the other - green. If you do not have this, then glue together two one-colored square, but it is necessary that the paper is not thick (where to find the right paper, you know), otherwise it will be difficult to bend corners. Now, down to business:

Well, do you fold a strawberry? If not - ask questions - I'll help.

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