Shirt from Banknote

Hi! I have heard that figure origami made of money, bring good luck. But I do not believe it. And now was convinced of my own experience.

I gave my uncles origami shirts from banknotes. And now they boast to me in the queue for its success: one gave big bonus at work, another sold something big. And they believe that this is due to the shirt in they wallets.

So I decided to share the secret of folding origami shirt with ORIGAMIR readers. I wish you always lucky! Make a shirt right now:

Now you know how to make a shirt from banknote. You can fold a useful souvenir. And I will put a new shirt to my dad's wallet. And may not fail;)!

6 thoughts on “Shirt from Banknote

  • Many thanks 😛. Everything is so carefully described and shown, thank you. Now we’ll look with my brother lucky our parents or not: roll: 😉
    By the way I am your fan. I reviewed all your video and showed my friends your crafts. And now we all look of your video. We are waiting for new videos 😉 😛: roll: 😀 😆 a little “but” in the video – it is not clear how to do the collar)

    • Adriana, you and your brother good fellows! At the expense of the collar – see the video again if the first attempt could not succeed, the second must succeed! 😉

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