Rose – Transformer

Hi! Today is a very interesting lesson: do the rose-transformer. It's a rose that is easily converted into a cube and vice versa. This is a wonderful gift and stylish decoration. You can definitely surprise your loved ones!

I took a large sheet of paper - squares with a side of 19 cm, and I turned out just awesome hack. This is in order to make it easier to fold this model. But actually rose convertible looks better when it is small. Enough to take the paper with the side of 7-10 cm. Watch carefully:

5 thoughts on “Rose – Transformer

  • Thank you very much for the video lesson we all went really well. But we still are at the corners of the assembly plowed into modules smeared with glue for strength. Because toy intended daughter, and she’s only 4 years. Therefore, in this case, the glue is simply necessary…

  • And even if the return of roses in a cube first ADD often green roses, pink and then it will not have to push the green corners in pink pockets. they are neatly folded.

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