Hi! I did not write long time and missed. The fact that we went on a family holiday to the grandparents who live in Belarus. Internet was not at hand, so I had to help with the housework: razz :. Granny with Granddaddy live in the village and a small farm holding is not, so it was something to do in spite of the bad weather. And just before our arrival at the goat shirts, there are two great kid. So cool!

Right on the road together with my younger brother Misha decided to make a pinwheel of paper and run them on the fly. What we've got a look at the video. Origami and the good that can always help out. Nature in Belorussia certainly remarkable: forests, fields, rivers flashed outside the window, all of the bright colors of spring! But to occupy yourself at the end of the path was a must. So we decided to have fun and make the water meter, the more so because it is easy and fast. See:

And I want to share the joy: 8th of May I had a Birthday! Now I am a full 10 years.

See you! I'll try not to fade for a long time.

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