Hi! Today I'll tell you something about penguins. Why? Yesterday I watch a funny film about them and decided to learn something new about these birds. You know, there are 17 kinds of penguins, from 35 to 130 cm in height, who lives at temperature from -60 to +38C. They are all different and so nice.

For example, The Imperator Penguin can starve for 9 weeks, hatching eggs and he can make cold -60C.

Pathagonian Penguin can swim for 2-3 weeks without stopping, making ways by 1500 km.

The Great Penguin – is the rarest kind. It counts less than 5 thousands of birds. And their number goes down.

The Stone Penguins are different by their bad temper. They are very aggressive. And they are so small!

The South Polar Penguins are the most numerous on the Earth – their number is more than 13 millions.

Hight-Crest Penguin – is the only kind of penguins, who can move his crest. Scientists don't know, why do they do it.

The Adeli Penguin – got his name with the name of a French scientist Admiral J. Dumont d'Urville's wife. It is the most popular kind of penguins. They are always filmed in movies and drawn on pictures.

And we will make our Penguin. You'll realize, that it is easy to make him, but he looks like a real one:

Write me, please, which model would you like to make in the next video.

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