How to Make Paper Flowers

Hi! People, who aren't acquainted with Origami, always ask me how to make a flower. I want to make you glad: it's possible to make a lot of different paper flowers, from tulip – to hyacinth with lots of little florets. There are some flowers that are possible to be made in a few ways, for example – the Rose. The best flowers are made from thin paper and the most gentle ones  – from napkin.

This Sunday I noticed, what lovely lilies blossomed at my neighbor’s dacha. Huge, mulch-colors, they share their fragrance for all the vicinity. Did you know, that lilies – are one of the most common flowers in the world. They grow everywhere – except of Antarctica.

Let's make a paper Lily today with me together, but I warn – it's not the easiest flower.

If you like the Flower theme, write in comments and I'll show you something interesting else.

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