Owl from 3D modules

Hi! In this video we will collect Owl from 3D modules. Probably, every resident of ORIGAMIR already has in its collection of models collected from 3D modules, right? The last few years this trend in origami is gaining widespread popularity and finds different forms of expression. There are new and new figures and diagrams. One of the simple and attractive models from 3D modules I think Origami Owl. Incidentally, the method of assembly is similar to the assembly model Hare Origami, and some of the techniques that we will use, you are already familiar with.

Let's begin soon! Prepare 320 white modules, 60 black modules and 72 brown modules. And the cause:

One thought on “Owl from 3D modules

  • Such a cool owl! I like it, Valeria! Go on making Origami models – it’s your talent.

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