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On this page you can see all my Origami lessons. Here you will find either short blitz-lessons with crafts for different holidays or detailed video lessons that open up the secrets of making complicated paper models. Origami is suitable for children, for adults and even for old people. This art develops and calms people down, as well as entertains and inspires them. We try to make Origami lessons understandable for everyone. They will tell about Origami basics and masters' secrets in an available language. The list of my lessons will be growing up with me.

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123 thoughts on “My Origami Lessons

  • Hello, Valeria. I like your crafts very much. They are simple, but gorgeous!
    Good luck to you! 🙂

  • Hello, Valeria! You have very beautiful models. I can’t believe, that they’re possible to be made from paper! Go on!

  • Hello, Valeria! Your blog is a wonderful example of manifestation of abilities of many other talented children. I think for the adults it will be very useful “column of parents.” Thank you for your work. Continue to create joy and be successful!

  • Hello, Natasha and Igor. It’s perfect, that you’ve made this site for Valerie. I am a psychologist, I have long worked in the school. And I think that your gift for daughter – is just the way for her bright future. She is lucky to have such wise and supportive parents. I wish you always understand your children. After all, happiness – is when you are understand.

    • Thank you, Tatiana! I have a counter proposal: from time to time we want to talk here small histories of the lives of our children, their growth, the relationship between themselves and their peers. In this connection, readers of the blog will be very glad to hear the comments of the psychologist, an experienced teacher. I invite you to be a frequent visitor to the blog Valeria, if possible, to acquaint the readers of the blog with their opinions on a particular issue, to initiate the consideration of new themes. In my opinion these are the “small incidents of life” and are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the behavior of children and parents, and, as a result, form the personality of the child.

  • Yes, I’m happy, thanks for the reply. While I can comment about Origami and dance, which Valeria is interested in. My thesis on the dominants in the upbringing of the child and their relationship with development. The results showed that at the age of 5 to 10 years to is main aesthetic dominant, when the child draws, dances, doing crafts, playing in the theater, trying different sports. This forms the emotional intelligence. At the age of 10 to 14 – dominant – communication with peers. It is necessary to create conditions for secure communication with peers, provide the ability to perform group projects, conduct social psychological training, joint campaigns, events. This helps to generate status in a group, a sense of acceptance, develop communication skills, tolerance and self-confidence. And only starting from 14 years old to be the dominant intellectual, that is reinforced by studies, school, tutoring, training in high school or something.
     The experimental group that studied the program dominants, showed better results not only in personal but also in intellectual development in academic achievement than children enrolled in the program Zankova. All children enrolled in high school for free. They are also more friendly, happy and motivated.
     Very often in the school everything is upside down – in elementary school children charged with logical problems and equations than discourage all desire to learn. Because this program does not meet the level of development of cognitive functions. At the elementary school children and specific creative thinking rather than abstract. The logic is formed to 12-13 years. A pedaling and advanced development only leads to underdevelopment of imaginative and emotional sphere with all the consequences. One hope for parents who will correct these distortions. So origami lesson and dancing – just what the doctor ordered. It develops the emotional sphere, and creates a platform for self-regulation in the relationship with peers during adolescence.
    And the creation of a site for girls – it’s a real transition to the second dominant – communication, it has the ability to help people, and see what you mean something on a global scale. See – you’re in Europe, and I’m in America, and Valery influence, and positive to me. I already want to try origami on her lessons. She is so small, and is already changing the world for the better. And she did not become conceited face with such wise parents.
    And I look at you and also want to create an interactive website itself. While I have a static site centretd.narod. ru. And it’s a little outdated, I’m not in Apatity.

  • Hello, Valery!
    Such bright and unusual work you’ve made! Handsomely.
    I really liked the Snowman and the Kusudama. But I do not know what is Kusudama. Perhaps the name of the flowers? Could you explain?
    Good luck to you and good mood.

    • Of course, Nadezhda! Kusudama – is one of my favorite craft, I have them at home a lot and they all are different. Kusudama – a “ball that heals”, they are often used as an amulet against disease. You need to hang Kusudama in the room and it will protect you from the bad. Perhaps it’s because Kusudama descended from flowers that make up the ancient herbal. So you are almost right!

  • Hello Valeria!
    I am delighted with your works.
    These are works of art. I’m sure that my girls will be interested in it. At what age did you start?

    • Thank you! It is Origami. Just start with the most simple models: Boat, Frog, Tulip. When you see what happens, add new crafts. I started at five years. Now I make Origami with my grandmother, who is ’82. Origami is suitable for all age groups.

  • Hey Lera!
    You have great works for your age, I was so like you, I would have been by no means all of it: grin:
    In general, I’m a fan of a more complex Origami and I try to develop my skills.
    Good luck to you and to your the parents.

  • Thank you, Dmitriy. I want to develop further, too. Now I’m trying to put figures on the patterns – is not very easy: sad:. And do you use patterns?

    • Good afternoon!
      Yes, I’m trying to learn patterns. While I advance in technology Box Pleated (when the square is divided vertically and horizontally for a certain number of lines: 32, 48 itd .. And then deposited mountains and valleys at an angle of 45 degrees under the mantle of the cells).

  • Good day, Valeria! You are a very talented girl. You have very beautiful works, and your dancing is professional, and your speech is competent. Well done! Parents, thank you, that you brought up such a beautiful daughter. Good luck to you on your way!

  • Hello Valeria. You’ve very interesting works of Origami. Spread more different classes of Origami. : Smile: 😉

  • Hello, Valery! My son is 6 years old and we really enjoy watching your creativity and learning for your video lessons … Many thanks to you and your parents. All videos are very interesting and, most importantly, available …. Good luck to you all, and may all your dreams will come true … You’re wonderful!

  • Hello, hello, Valeria !!! I am 15 years old. I decided to learn Origami. Accidentally I found your lessons on YouTube. I liked them very much. I will learn from them. I wish you did not stop there! Good luck !!!

    • Elvira it is excellent! Join us! Do not hesitate to ask if you do not understand something. And I am happy with your success, and not only in Origami :). :).

  • 😉 Valeria greeting, I also decided to be active in Origammi. I was inspired by your video. It was the first video that I saw – a Hat, made from the newspaper! 😆

  • Hi, Lera! : Razz: My name is Dasha. I am 9 years old. I do Origami only a few weeks, but I have made the Inflorescence Chestnut. And how much does your master-class cost?
    And again, will we be friends? : o

  • Valeria, stumbled on the video: “Paper Panama”, the speed I have very little, the video could not be watched… You’re sooooo interesting girl =) continue in the same spirit):! Grin:

  • Valeria, you are a great girl! How do you have all the time? How much patience you need to do it and do not throw! Say, did you ever – ever put the video “Peacock” module, “Chicken” module and the “Cake” is also of the Modules))) I hope that when you – something to add them)))

  • Natasha and Igor! It’s great to have found like-minded parents 🙂 My son also became interested in Origami in 6 years, now he is 10 years old. Since last year, he began to lead a club of Origami in his school, and I’m helping him. The hobby turned into kindness lessons, and even set a goal that each school of our country was free club of Origami. Let us in touch 🙂

    • Tanya, we are very glad to meet you! We shall communicate with pleasure. You are real rock!

  • Well done all, very impressed with your website. And we live in Buryatia, near Lake Baikal!

  • Hello Valeria (I am Valeria, too) I really like your video lessons !!!! I love doing Origami! In one video, I heard that you have already 6 years doing Origami. Well done! …. keep it up !!!!

  • Hello Natalia and Igor, I liked the lessons of your daughter, and I wish her every success and happiness in her personal life, health, good luck and a lot of friends and you happiness, prosperity and success in your personal career, luck, health::::: :

  • Hello, Valeria! My name is Vladislav, I am 12, I started doing Origami not long ago, and I will be very grateful to you if you taught me this art. 😉

  • Hello Valeria! I love doing Origami, painting, playing sports, playing the piano and walking. What do you like to do?

    • I love to dance, – previously engaged in ballroom dancing, but now modern: Contempo, hip-hop, etc. I like to read, to roller skate and bike, relax with my family, hanging out with friends :)..

  • Hello, Valeria! I have a contest of the most beautiful paper craft in a camp. What shall I do?? 😀

    • Katya, I propose to make a flower: Lotus, Rose, or Snowdrops in a Vase. Lessons you will find here on the blog in the “My Lessons” – “Classic Origami”. Good luck! Write that then chose, and how to evaluate your work;).

    • Vlad, this blog is made to teach Origami. Repeat after me and you will learn all the basics of Origami itself and begin to construct your own crafts. Only you need to start with simple shapes. If you have not subscribed to my newsletter, then subscribe now. On the blog in the upper right corner, in the form of a subscription, you need to write your name, leave your email address and click on the “Get It!” Button. Within 5 days you will receive my letters to the basics of Origami, and simple shapes. That’s it, then you can do more complex models, they are all posted on the blog under “My lessons”. Good luck!

  • Hello! I love your video-lessons! I am 11, I started to make the Origami Kusudama. I didn’t like origami earlier, but your lessons have interested me!!!

  • Well done, I couldn’t believe, that it’s possible to make sooo much crafts from paper.

  • The site is super! Works are amazing. Thank you for the video-lessons. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Hello, Valeria! I want to thank you for great lessons! They are affordable and competent. I am a teacher and I’ve already made Module Origami with my pupils lots of times, but I am amazed. In my age of 20 years, I am making Origami!!! Thanks!

  • 😉 You are cool! I love you!
    Valeria, could you, please, make a video – how to make a Snowflake??

  • Hello! I liked your crafts very much, and especially – the Cake and the Parrot 😉

  • Valeria, your crafts are gorgeous! I couldn’t believe, that it’s possible to make so beautiful models from paper. And thank you very much, with you my daughter forgot about social networks and stopped spoiling her eyes. Now she uses Internet only for watching your videos 😀 .

  • Hello, Lera! I’m glad to see, that modern teenagers can make something useful! Keep on doing it!
    My son, Dima, he is 9, and he is making Origami for 2 years in School, they use your lessons. This year he looks for something new. I think, he will be your often guest on the website!
    I want to ask you – do you design all this by yourself or you use other ideas? Do you have favorite sites, where there are good ideas for crafts?
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Hello, Nadezhda! Thank you very much) Your son – is brave, if he wants to know something new! I mostly use ideas from the Internet and I also use knowleges, I got at the School, and sometimes I make my own models.

  • The coolest Origami. Valeria, which Rose is the best for this Cake???!!!!!!!!!!! 😐

  • Dear Valeria! I have made the Santa. And I’d like to make a Snowman. Waiting for your video. Thank you!

  • I want to learn, how to make Origami Module Snowflakes, Flowers and my mother wants me to make a Dolphin, but I can’t find him anywhere. Help me, please, Valeria. 🙁

    • Dear Nastya, I’ll make a lot of different lessons like Snowflakes and others for the New Year. There are Module Tulips already. I have never made the Dolphin from modules, but, if you want, such lesson will be posted on my blog pretty soon 😉

  • Hello Valeria! You have just wonderful lessons! You have in crafts (not in video) a beautiful box with a beautiful pattern that opens. Can you make a video for this box that opens (blue).
    Please!!! 😆 😆 🙁 😆

  • Why you did not do anything after October? 👿 Do, please, something for the New Year. 😥 ❗

  • Dear Valery, thank you very much for your video lessons, you are all very detailed and clearly tell and show. I was fascinated by origami, and I did it thanks to your lessons. You are just super!!!!!!!! I look forward to your next lessons and crafts.

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