Hi! In today's lesson do bird hummingbird. Why hummingbird? I'll tell you ...

In this Saturday at our school it was graduation score for high school students. And we are with my friends watched the graduates are going. Everyone was very nice. Such fancy dress, long, without top. But some, they were all the same. We all noticed it. And only one small stature girl in short magnificent colorful dress ran between their high classmates and was very noticeable.

I immediately thought: "She looks like a humming-bird". She just glowed, her dress shimmered with all the colors, and she charged fun all around! I came home and decided to write this lesson:

Here is my advice: if you want to be noticed - different. But not with a ring in your nose :).

And this craft you can put on a stick and a stick in the ground favorite flowerpot. It will make you happy and to remind - be bright!

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