Hi! Exactly a week later great feast of Easter, and I have prepared a series of hand-made articles on this topic. A hand made chicken can be very nice to decorate your holiday table or basket.

The video quality is not very good, I train. I hope you'll excuse me. And I say THANK YOU to all those who write to me and tell you how to make my lessons to you better. I really want you to be clear and pleasant:

Let this chicken will bring you a lot of golden eggs! How to make paper eggs we will learn with you too)).

5 thoughts on “Hen

  • Hello Valeria! The Hen that you have made is cool: razz:. And I have a question. Where I can find the Modular Origami? ❓

    • Hello, Dasha! Very soon my Video Course of Modular Origami will come out. There will be detailed videos on the folding of 12 most popular figures with the instructions. There are no lessons about the 3D Models on blog now.

  • Valery,: smile: you have a wonderful job. But I would like to ask the question: are you going to show how to make Easter eggs ?? 🙂

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