Golden Module

Hi! The main part of Origami 3D models are made of triangle modules. Soon my first big video course will come out and it will be dedicated to this theme. I’ll open you all the secrets of the most popular crafts, like: swan, hare, fir-tree and even tank! And today I want to show, how to make one more interesting module. It is used much lower, but models made of such modules look fabulous!

Look, what picture I’ve seen in a book:

Scythian gold

There are golden earrings of Scythian Queen. I’ve took them as a basic for making such earrings from paper. And here is what I’ve got:

Scythian gold origami

For making this craft I’ve used simple modules, that you can make in this way:

Here are also a clay, scissors and special rings for earrings from shop. And your fantasy can help you to use this kind of module for crafting spica, flowers, postcards… What else have you made with these modules?

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