Fox Cub for Small Origamists

Hi! In this video we will learn how to foid the fox. "What do we know about the fox? Nothing. And that is not all, "- joked poet Boris Zakhoder. But it's true. Let's learn more interesting information about the red forest dwellers.

Do you know the expression went from "tail pipe"? The fact that the tail of a fox is called "pipe" - hence the name.

Surely you have seen, when in broad daylight in good weather dramatically thickened the clouds and drizzling rain. Such a "tricky" rain on a clear day in Japan, for example, is called "fox downpour."

Here's another fact:
Normally in the wild foxes live from 3 to 5 years. But those individuals who have fallen into human hands can reach and the 25 th anniversary!

And our Pup can live even longer, because we fold it from the paper. This figure origami is very popular due to the simplicity of its folding. I'm sure it will like even the youngest residents of ORIGAMIR:

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