Forget-me-not Flower

Hi! What a beautiful flower - Forget-Me-Not! It impresses with its elegance and tenderness, and more - a rich and extremely interesting history. What?

There are several stories about the origin of the names of colors, but they all have a common purpose. They say, a little delicate flowers pale blue - this poor girl's tears that fell from her face when she found out about the separation from loved ones.

And here is another story: the goddess Flora, giving the names of all plants, disregards modest blue flower, already leaving, she heard like the flower softly, "Do not forget me!" Flora could see it and called "Forget-Me-Not", giving the ability to give people memories.

Do you want to believe it or no, but one thing I know for sure: the living flower "Forget-Me-Not" - a real decoration of the nature and flower "Forget-Me-Not" origami - and even a great gift! To distinguish real flower on the paper from a distance is not easy, but with the "Forget-Me-Not" origami you will never forget this summer.

The lesson is here:


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