Flowers Made by Yourselves

Hi! The long-awaited school have finally started, and we have less and less time for walking and communication. So I haven't written anything on my blog for a long time, let's correct it. My clubs and school started, so I have a lot of new. Later I'll tell you lots of interesting facts about studying in the 5th form.

And now I want to recall you, that this Sunday is a Teacher's Day, - a very good holiday of thanking to our teachers. I have made these paper flowers as a present to my classmate. You can make the same. Such flowers will stand longer than all other ones, I promise.

3 thoughts on “Flowers Made by Yourselves

  • Hello! I would advise you to roll up the green strip on a stick instead of rolling up into a tube green strip. And the work is very beautiful! And I did it!

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