Flower Ball by Valentina Gonchar

Hi! Today fulfills orders Natasha Rudenko, who took second place in the competition, which I have recently carried out in the ORIGAMIR group in VKontakte. We make a very complicated figure - Dropdown Flower Bowl, which was developed by Valentina Gonchar.

This kraft refers to a modular figures, because it is composed of a variety of special modules. The author called this module "universal". How to do this module you will also find in this lesson. Follow my movements very carefully, the same movement I repeated many times. The hardest part - Connect modules together. Use a good glue.

You need to prepare 90 units: 30 green and 60 which something bright, such as red or orange. It will be flowers. Figurine of magic, I can not believe that it is composed of paper. Well, let's actually start:

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