Hi! Behind a window - the sun. Around - beauty. But why? Because the warmest and colorful time - summer is comes! When it comes to this time of year, I always try to diversify my every day, adding some stuff in it: it may be new hobbies, new books and even ... accessories. Our mood affects how time, how we look, right? And you just can not imagine what the bright and unusual accessories can be made of paper!

In this video we will learn how to fold origami earrings - but still not one, - three kinds. I will tell you a little secret: you can fold origami any model in miniature size and glued to the base for earrings. Nothing complicated about it. But I'll show you three new models that you can use it for these purposes.

I think the girls are already preparing colorful paper. Boys can make these earrings for a gift for mother, grandmother or girlfriend. Here we go?

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