Croaking Frog

Hi! Now I'm on a spring vacation, and I have time to shoot some new lessons for you. Super! Be ready for a whole series of very interesting crafts. I'm going to publish a new video every 2 days, - I am waiting for you on my blog!

And today our lesson is about frog, which can croak! Yes, it looks not like the frog, which can jump at all. This model refers to moving models. It can please both little and adult origamists, and in addition it is pretty easy to make this model.

Our paper Frog is here:

By the way, did you know, that there are more than 2500 kinds of frogs. They are not only green. There are brightly yellow and even multiply-colors ones. The frogs are also different in their size: from 1,5 to 25 cm! What frog to make – is your choice, but all the frogs can croak, and this one – is not an exception :)!

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