Crane Flapping Wings

Hi! I noticed that the model Crane of Happiness, which we passed through before, liked ORIGAMIR readers very much. I have received many good reviews after this lesson. It's very nice, thank you all.

Today I decided to show you another kind of paper crane. This model is similar to the classic origami crane on folding technique, but has several features. The result is a Crane from paper, which can fly! Yes, it really flaps its wings! One needs only to pull it at the same time for the breast and tail. In general, watch this video and learn their cranes fly:

I forgot to say that the Flying Crane also has magical properties. It is necessary to make a wish, make the crane flap their wings and mentally let it go free. It will come back to you with the wish fulfillment. Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Crane Flapping Wings

    • If everything exactly repeated in the folding, then you need just the same way to take him in hand – for breast and tail, and confident, without fear of damaging the model, draw, to straightened the folds. and then he will have to flap their wings without difficulties.

  • A cute bird, which can flapp with wings is a very beautiful Origami, that is easy to make, using this video-lesson. There are very few paper crafts like this, that can move in any way, I think that it’s one of the most interesting Origami.

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