Contest! Who will make the brightest butterfly?

Hi! Today I start a Contest: who will make the most beautiful and the brightest butterfly from paper, will get a prize from me. I'll not tell you, what prize now, but you'll like it, I'm sure.

So, watch how to make a butterfly and make a better one:

If you know some other ways of making an Origami Butterfly, it's also good. The main idea is that all of us, from different parts of Earth, made a lot of bright crafts, which made this world better :razz:!

The ctest has started. And it'll end on this Sunday in evening (on the 31th of July of 2011 year). And on Monday already I'll be able to tell you the name of the winner in a special post. Sent me photos of your crafts on my e-mail: And of couse write comments below. Good luck!

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