Christmas Tree

Hi! Soon the most desirable holiday - the New Year. And next year I'll met on the train, and it's cool! In the winter holidays, we will go with the family in the city of Izhevsk, to the mother to relatives. We have to be all coupe - that it will be an adventure! I have made the Christmas tree in the way, the most unusual of the ones I've done. I want to learn and you do the same Christmas tree made of paper:

Do not forget to dress up your Christmas tree. Ancient Celts (this is a Western nation) believe that in the trees lived the good and the evil spirits that had to please a variety of offerings. Since then, and I went to the tradition of decorating trees. For example, Germans decorated Christmas fir apples - a symbol of fertility, eggs - a symbol of the continuation of life, nuts - a symbol of the mysteries of life. And later, to further appease the spirits, people began to decorate the Christmas tree with different toys. Our Christmas trees have branches - shelves. Be sure to put them candy and nuts.

Tomorrow again waiting for you to visit - will show you how to make a Santa Claus! Maybe for this he will bring you a lot of gifts?

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