Catapult, Frog and… Bomb!

Hi! You can’t even imagine, how many times I have heard, that Origami is only for “nerds”. It seems “is there anything interesting in folding paper?”

I affirm: Origami – is passion. It is funny and extremely!!! Don’t you believe? Watch a new video:

5 thoughts on “Catapult, Frog and… Bomb!

    • Marina, I will definitely continue to make new classes to my friends-subscribers. The fact that a blog hackers attack was made, and I can not now spread lessons. Perhaps you noticed that the main page of the blog is broken. We are trying to fix this problem, but it still does not work: ((

  • Valeria I really like your video lessons, I’ve made almost everything that you showed in the video lessons, very nice site;-)

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