Hi! Recently I have got an acquaintance with Vladimir Belokon, who is a famous Kyiv sculpture. He is a very kind and creative person. A lot of his works you can find on Kyiv streets. Now he is working on a very interesting project, and I am helping him. It's a big secret for this moment, but I decided to share it with Origamir Inhabitants. Later I'll tell you, what came out of this, and by that time here is something cool:

In a few days the March Cats will settle on one tree in a center of Kyiv. A basis for this sculpture are Origami models of cats, that I have made by myself! Eight kinds of cats made of paper and between them there are works of such masters as Eric Joisel, Roman Diaz, J. Anibal Voyer, Eiji Tsuchito. For all models I have used sheets of whatman, which size was 125x125 cm! I had to ask my parents to fold these cheets, cause it's pretty complicated. In spite of it, look, what cuties  I have made!

The height of these figures is about 60 cm. They are more than real! Uncle Volodya will then fix them and process, but I hope we do still know. And yet, when I folded these cats, it came up with its own model. My cat is out of paper easier to many others, but also very cute. In today's tutorial I will show how to make a cat origami:

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