Hi! For the 1st of April I decided to present you the lesson of making a facetious model. There is an Origami Camera, which can make real photos. Here is how to make them: you have to draw a small picture of someone you want to shoot and then put this picture into your paper camera. Then take a picture of someone like I did it in my lesson. The photo will fall down from the Origami Camera and, surely, will amaze your friend and then make him laugh.

My parents usually say, that when they were children, this paper model was very common. Children were running one after another and “taking photos”. Hooray! It's our turn now. The lesson is here:

9 thoughts on “Camera

  • Hi, it’s me again! (Valeria – remember?) 😉 I took this camera and I’d like to thank you that you have shared a video camera is now there and my four year old little sister !!! BYE BYE !!!!!

    • Hi, Lera! Well done, that attracts sister occupations. My younger brother Michael is also involved in Origami, but now he has other interests, he was engaged in sports: grin:

      • Lera your blog just super: smile: very cool !!! Origami is now my hobby thanks to you! my parents just love it! blog just super thank you! ✿❤✿❤✿❤✿
        for Lerochka who taught Origami

          • Lera! I recently found out about your blog. I am 9 years old. Therefore, I can write with mistakes. I really want to be friends with you. Origami I enjoy kindergarten. And thanks to you I will get involved more. I hope you will answer!

          • Hi Polina! I am pleased to be with you to make friends and socialize. Origami – an interesting and useful exercise, I am pleased to your success, write about it necessarily;)

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