Box, Casket or Drawer?

Hi! During the entire existence ORIGAMIR we have learned to do a lot of different hair clips, earrings, bookmarks, and other beautiful details. "But where does it all add up?" - You ask me. And I answer: "In the box, we will learn to do today!"

In fact, this model origami boxes can be called a classic, as it many, inordinately years and develops it's pretty simple. Surely you will not find a single book, which would not have been it scheme. But a good lesson was not.

By the way, this hack is interesting by the fact that you can connect all their imagination in choosing material. In addition, you can decorate the box with additional elements, or simply paint. If you want to use the box for a gift - fold it out of the wrapping paper for large figures - from a newspaper in general and more choose to work:

Do not hesitate to recommend a lesson to your friends, I hope you liked it? 😉

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