Hi! The summer ahead. I do not know about you, but we have written very big list of references for the holidays. Much of it I've read, but still not enough. However, I love to read. I hope you too :).

In today's lesson - a very useful thing, which I use myself for a long time. This is a bookmark. Let it help you and not get lost in the pages:

There are many ways to fold paper bookmark. As I will show something more normal long bookmark. Just that I like more. Its easy to do, not ruffled and it open the page conveniently. Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “Bookmark

  • Hello, Lera! I have already made a bookmark for your lesson. Great work! Thank you for the lesson 😉

  • Hi, Lera! Very useful tab! I was asked a very big list
    of literature – about 20 pieces! Generally, I was confused in the pages!
    And with a bookmark it is so convenient.

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