Origami Crown

Hi! If you or your child are having a holiday soon, and there is no carnival costume, if you are already looking for an original gift for your mother or a friend on March 8 or if you just feel like a princess or a prince, then this lesson is for you! In just three[...]

Stylish Origami Bracelet

Hi! You can't have too many accessories, can you? Especially if, while crafting them yorself, you spend time with use, improve your Origami techniques and develop your creativity. In this video, I will show you how to create another simple but incredibly stylish paper bracelet in 3 minutes. Let's go?

Origami: A Tulip Bookmark

Hi! Do you like reading? I love it! And I also love Origami, because thanks to it I can easily create an original paper bookmark in just a few minutes! Even beginners will handle this model. Do you not believe me? Turn this video on and see for yourself!