Angel in a Library, Dragon – at Home

Hi! These days I have conducted a master-class in a Central Kid's Library of Taras Shevchenko. The master-class for pupils of 5th form had a great success.  Although there were other kinds of master classes, our table had the most pupils, who wanted to learn.

We have learned how to make three models: Angel, Dragon and Bomb. Everyone liked Bomb, especially – boys:). But it is a simple model, which we had learned in my short course “Fall in love with Origami in 30 minutes!”. We'll not repeat. But the Angel can be a very good decoration for the New Year tree. And the Dragon – is a symbol of the 2012th year, hadn't you forgotten?

I couldn't film everything in the Library, there were a lot of questions there, everyone was practicing very active. And my mom gave up:). I had noticed, that Origami is interesting for everyone – for kids and pupils and for adults. You know, it's very peasant, when after lesson you hear: “Val, Origami – is cool!” So the Dragon was filmed at home. I hope, it will be useful for you:

I'll be very glad to hear, what do you think about this video. What can I do to make them better?

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