3D Tank

Hi! Today we will make a really complex model. The 3D origami you already know so much. It is time to sum up and go to the next level of excellence. I do not accidentally chose model Tank for the final lesson of the course on a modular origami. Here we repeat already completed folding technology, as well as learn a few new tricks.

And now you have to work hard over the modules. It need 1747 pieces! It is 55 sheets of paper, if you do as I from small units.

You can fold the tank of white modules, and then color it paints. Or take the original colored paper (the best here). I took 937 green modules, 349 - dark green, 341 - light green and 42 yellow and brown modules. In addition, prepare 8 empty matchboxes and a couple of sheets of green paper.

When all is ready - go back to the lesson - start to put the tank.

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