3D Spruce

Hi! Today we'll fold a forest beauty - Christmas tree. At the same time 🙂 - in the court on 20 March instead of the sun - snow fells. Remember the New Year :).

This craft is not like all the others. It opens up new possibilities of 3D origami.
After using a paper modules can be created not only smooth, graceful figure, but here are hairy. You can shoot up by touching a tree. How real.

Despite the apparent complexity of this model, do it is not difficult. It consists of separate branches. Later you will be able to construct a forest, where every Christmas tree will have their size, number and shape layers.

For this tree I took 622 large module - 1/16 A4 sheet. 436 of them - dark green and 186 - light green. Repeat after me, and you will succeed:

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