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What is Origamir?

Today it's already not the only site dedicated to art of Origami. There are a lot of such ones. Origamir – is a quality mark and a sign of good taste. And what other ways can it be than a hobby – is it a life?
Free online origami school for over 20,000 students

There are a lot of words written about Origami. You can find different information about the history of this art, its types, plus you can download any model scheme on the Internet.

But this is not what we are looking at. The most important thing is that the art, which appeared about 2,000 years ago, hasn't been lost in time, but every year it becomes more and more powerful and beautiful. It doesn’t have either a certain territory or age or gender. Today, it is free for rich and beggar, and for white and black. And it happens by itself, coming from one person to another, yet again, because in spite of its seeming simplicity – Origami is creative, in spite of its complexity – it's free.

We are interested in Origami as a learning tool and a source of pleasure first of all. Besides, there are a few people who can talk about simple things and Origami based on approachable language, in such way, that the student would like to make a paper tulip by himself at that moment and then give it to mom, or to make a pigeon and to give it to their grandfather. Origami is bottomless.

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First of all, this is my personal blog. And only after that – it's a social project and an online school. My goal – is to unite all enthusiastic people around the theme of Origami. Those people, who passionately want to make this world kinder and more beautiful.
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Valeriia Chertilina

Project Manager
I am 15. I live in a very beautiful city – in Kyiv. I study in high school. I love my city, and my family very much and I want to do something important in this life. For example, I want to teach you the art of Origami. Why have I decided, that I can? Because I have been improving in the skill of making paper models for 10 years already. My work has taken part in different republic and international exhibitions. Why do I think it's important? Because it is important to help people. Origami – is not my only one hobby. I also write poems, star in movies, and go to the rink. I like swimming and making something new. My life is really interesting. Join me!


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